• Basic maintenance tasks depends upon what your current skills, may include: minor plumbing, minor electrical repairs, masonry, painting, landscaping and general labor. Let us know what you can do
  • Must have working knowledge of repair techniques, building and safety codes, ability to use hand and power tools, ability to diagnose and solve a wide range of maintenance problems found in residential homes; plus, good customer service skills with senior citizens
  • Provide own tools (homeowner may have some to use)
  • Provide own transportation to home of client and may need to pick up supplies (paid by client)
  • Worker determines own schedule, flexible schedule
  • Minimum age 18 and have fluent English language skills
  • Provide references and pass background check
  • Paid $17 per hour; hours depend client requests and your availability
  • We hire intermittently for this position but always accept applications

Home Repair Application Information:

Bethany Sapp

NOTE: Resume is not necessary, but appreciated with current references.


When Mike retired from his job of 38 years at Honeywell, he knew he wanted to find a way to become more involved in the community. But every opportunity seemed to amount to two activities: attending meetings and raising money. Mike had committed nearly four decades of his life to these things already. He wanted something different.

One day at the gym, Mike voiced his frustration to his friend Bernie. “Have you heard of Senior Community Services?” said Bernie, “its cool because you get to do stuff with your hands and every day is something different.” Mike took his friend’s advice and became an employee with the HOME Program in 2008. He has put his self-taught home repair skills to the test by helping countless clients complete minor home repairs to stay in their homes.

Clients like Jean are grateful for Mike’s work on everything from deck repairs to hanging drapes to fixing kitchen shelves to minor plumbing issues. “The main reason you give up your home is you can’t afford to have these things done,” Jean continues, “I couldn’t have done it.”

Jean moved from England to America about 30 years ago for her late husband’s job. Although she has family in the area, Jean lives on her own and uses the HOME Program to help with all manner of minor repairs. “Mike has always been really reliable. He goes beyond what he needs to do to be helpful,” Jean shares, “To me that’s above and beyond.” “I like this work because it is relational in nature,” Mike offers. “Out of all the clients I’ve helped, 99.99% are very appreciative of what the program has to offer.” Mike also relishes the flexible work schedule since he enjoys travelling.