Senior Outreach & Caregiver Services

senior caregiving“I’m not ready to give up my independence. It’s nice to know that I can get guidance and support for those things that are getting more challenging to handle on my own, and that I don’t have to rely solely on family and friends.”

Connecting you to resources that help seniors remain independent.

Seniors remain healthy, safe, and independent with the aid of our experienced, helpful staff. Older adults and their families are able to access the most appropriate and affordable combination of services that help them stay in the community for as long as possible with our assistance.

What is Senior Outreach & Caregiver Services?

Friends, spouses, and other family members who help an older adult remain at home find support through Senior Outreach & Caregiver Services. Caregivers are not only connected with needed services and resources for their loved one, but also given much needed support. You will work with our experienced, licensed social workers to identify the best combination of affordable community resources to meet your specific needs.

What services are available to seniors?

  • Identifying areas of daily life where support may be needed.
  • Finding trusted and affordable resources for chores, financial help, personal care, activities, medical issues, legal issues and more.
  • Applying for government or other programs to help pay for services.
  • Locating housing alternatives such as assisted living, subsidized apartments, or senior living communities.
  • Navigating life changes like loss of income, widowhood, and diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or other chronic disease.
  • Planning for future needs.

How do you support caregivers?

If you’re providing support to a senior, you are a caregiver. While caregiving is rewarding, getting support is crucial to long-term success. Our dedicated social workers offer a variety of ways to get the support you need to maintain your own life balance and health.

  • Caregiver assessment
  • Family meetings
  • Contact with a social worker through phone, email or in person
  • Caregiver Consultation/Coaching through Eldercare Partners
  • Caregiver Support Groups
  • Caregiver Education includes single sessions or a series covering topics such as resources, legal and financial issues, family communication, and health insurance issues
  • CareNextion, a free, web-based tool to help you with coordinating care, getting help from others, and keeping everyone informed

Senior Outreach & Caregiver Services Brochure

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