Senior Partners Care

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“I’ve been retired for 20 years and have a fixed income. SPC has saved me thousands of dollars.” –Jean

“Senior Partners Care has given me the security that we won’t lose everything in case of an accident or illness.” –Harold

Out-of-pocket medical costs shouldn’t keep you from getting the healthcare you need.

Senior Partners Care (SPC), brought to you by Senior Community Services, enables Minnesota seniors to get the care they need by bridging the financial gap between their medical bills and their Medicare coverage.

How does Senior Partners Care work?

Minnesota seniors who meet the program’s eligibility requirements submit an application to Senior Community Services. Upon acceptance, clients who use SPC healthcare partners for Medicare-approved services are eligible to have the balance on medical services and treatments (after Medicare payment) waived.

Who provides the care?

Senior Partners Care has partnered with most major metropolitan area hospitals and hundreds of clinics and providers statewide. These healthcare providers (SPC partners) have agreed to consider a waiver of Medicare deductibles, coinsurance and co-payments.

Current Key Metro Area Providers for SPC

Who is eligible?

Program participants must:

  1. Receive care by participating medical providers
  2. Have both Medicare A & B
  3. Meet income asset thresholds
    Maximum Gross Household Income:
    > Single Individual: $2, 082 ($24,980/year)
    > Married Couple: $2,818 ($33,820/year)
    Maximum Household Assets:
    (EXCLUDES your home; one car; personal property)
    > $51,500 in total value
  4. Submit an application and an application fee

What services are covered?

Senior Partners Care is not insurance, HMO, PPO or a Medicare supplement. This program does not pay bills. To receive support, SPC enrollees must use SPC medical health care provider partners, and the service or care to be provided must be allowed by Medicare.

Most treatments or services you receive from an SPC partner that are covered by Medicare should be covered by this program.

The decision to waive a Medicare deductible, coinsurance or co-payment is made by the SPC partner based on a determination of the enrollee’s financial need.

How do I get started?

To talk to someone about Senior Partners Care, call 952-767-0665 or 1-888-541-5488. You can also email

Medical providers can call 952-767-0665.

Application materials:

SPC Instruction Sheet

SPC Client Application

Resource materials:

Senior Partners Care Statewide Map

Senior Partners Care Brochure