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Column: Medical debt may be forgiven under program

Sun Current Link to article in Sun Current Guest Column by Deb Taylor The nonprofit organization I lead, Senior Community Services, recently heard from a client who found her stress growing after a hospital stay. Amy, 78, started receiving bills for the medical expenses not covered by her Medicare plan. The debt totaled thousands of dollars, a worrisome amount for Amy who lives modestly on a fixed income. Then, the collection calls came. Amy, who has always paid her bills on time, felt burdened by the stress of having such a debt hanging over her head. Amy’s ...

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Household & Outside Maintenance for Elderly (HOME) Program Enables Seniors to Remain in Their Own Home

ST. LOUIS PARK PATCH Link to article in St. Louis Park Patch Guest Column by Deb Taylor "I can continue to live independently, thanks to Senior Community Services." Helen, 82, has lived in her modest, west metro home for 53 years, but she worried that her days of independence might be coming to a close. While in good health, Helen struggled to accomplish many household tasks like snow-shoveling, window-washing and raking the fall leaves that blanket her spacious lawn. Helen considered moving to an assisted-living apartment, but the cost made her nervous, and a ...

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