V.O.L.U.N.T.E.E.R. That’s how you spell volunteer

April is National Volunteer Month, so we wanted to take the opportunity to tell you what you, our volunteers, mean to us. We’re going to do that in the form of an acrostic poem.

V – Valuable

The work you do for clients is crucial and means the world to them. The work of volunteers can mean the difference between an older adult being able to remain independent or not. The work you do as volunteers is extremely valuable!

O – Outstanding!

Everyday we receive letters and phone calls from clients who are so grateful for their wonderful, hard working volunteers! We are so thankful and honored to have such an amazing group of dedicated individuals and groups providing services that keep our clients safe and Independent.

L – Lovable 

We love our volunteers so much! We feel very lucky to have such caring and hardworking people on our team.

U – Unselfish

The time you take out of your busy schedules to serve older adults and keep them safe does not go unnoticed. It takes a special person to have the heart to serve others especially others they don’t know.

N – Noble

We put out the call for volunteers to help older adults and you answered that call. You saw and understood the need and felt compelled to take action.

T – Thoughtful

You are so kind and helpful in your interactions with our clients. Clients regularly tell us how sweet and courteous their volunteers were.

E – Exceptional 

You go above and beyond! You make sure to not only complete the job, but complete it as if it were your own home and you’re always willing to help out however you can!

E – Essential

Volunteers are critical to fulfilling our mission. We couldn’t do our work without you!

R – Remarkable

We don’t know what else to say except “Thank you!” We depend on volunteers like you to keep older adults safe and independent. Your generosity, kindness, and care towards older adults is hard to come by. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being you!