How to be a good visitor to a loved one staying in a skilled nursing facility

By: Krystal Wiebusch, LSW As we get older, our friends, neighbors, and family members may need to stay in a Skilled Nursing Facility. Most commonly, these stays are for Short Term Rehab, to gain strength after a surgery or illness before going back home. Here are some tips from “” on how to be a good visitor. Have patience with the staff.  The nursing and care staff have many patients to care for and emergencies do arise.  If there is something simple you can do to help the patient while you are visiting, go ahead if you feel comfortable. Get to ...

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It’s Time for a Laugh!

By: Krystal Wiebusch, LSW When I have a bad day, I like to read funny things to get my mind relaxed, so I wanted to share this funny article with you. If you are ever having a bad day, look for something to make you laugh too! There was a first grade teacher (6 year olds) who collected a bunch of well-known proverbs.  She gave each student the first half of the proverb, and asked them to come up with the rest.  Their responses were hilarious! A penny saved is………… not much. Two’s company, three’s ……….. The Musketeers. Better safe than…...

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Detecting the Signs of Alzheimers Disease Early

By: Krystal Wiebusch, LSW The older we get, the greater chance we have of being diagnosed with Alzheimers disease or a related dementia. The Alzheimers Association of MN/North Dakota is working to promote early detection and possible treatments for this disease. Dementia is the “umbrella” term often used, and there are several types of dementia. Alzheimers is the most common.  Other forms of dementia can come from AIDS, Parkinsons, or strokes (vascular dementia). Short term memory loss is the most commonly recognized symptom, but there are other brain ...

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