SNOW REMOVAL – Seasonal Worker

  • Shovel within 24 hours of end of 2+ inch snowfalls. Salting/Scraping Ice (as needed)
  • Commit for the entire season, until the final snow/ice storm of spring
  • Provide your own equipment (shovel, ice chopper, and/or snow-blower)
  • Provide own transportation to travel to various client homes
  • Physically able to do the work (lift 20+ lbs, bend, stretch, etc)
  • Can work with multiple senior citizen clients
  • Strong communication and customer service skills
  • Worker determines own schedule with availability during weekdays and weekends
  • Must be reliable and shovel for the entire winter season
  • Minimum age 16 and have good English language skills
  • Provide references and pass background check
  • Paid $20 per hour; hours depend upon snowfall


Snow Removal Application Information:

Click here for Application

Please send applications to:

Colton Taylor

NOTE: Resume is not necessary, but appreciated with current references.


A few years ago, the Boys to Men Club of Sanctuary Covenant Church began in North Minneapolis. The club provides an opportunity for young boys and men to participate in service projects, paid work, contests and fun activities. “Our main goal is to provide opportunities for boys in our neighborhood to become heroes,” said leader, Nate Streeter.

Since the winter of 2015-2016, Boys to Men has teamed up with Senior Community Services to shovel snow for seniors. The match was just what Nate and the Boys to Men members were looking for. It was an opportunity for the boys to meet and help people in their very own neighborhood.

Many of the members of Boys to Men are only involved in the program for a short time. This is characteristic of the neighborhood they live in, which experiences a high turnover rate of people moving in and out. The transitional nature of the neighborhood often makes it difficult for the boys to find community and create meaningful relationships.

“When we talk about building community, some of that is just building opportunities for different kinds of people to engage with each other,” Nate said, “Senior Community Services has been great for us as one of the tools to do that.”

“We are trying to develop relationships between boys and their neighbors,” Nate said. “Bridging gaps between seniors and young people is really important.” Come next winter, Boys to Men will continue building relationships in their neighborhood by shoveling for the HOME Program. “It’s something that the seniors appreciate and it’s a way for the boys to meet people that they might not ordinarily meet on a day-to-day basis,” Nate said.